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Warm up set of squats with bar
2 x 95lbs 8 reps
1 x 115lbs 8 reps
3 x 95lbs 7 reps

30 min of hitting the bag cardio nom stop Random combos

Hope you guys are having a rad day! I noticed I don’t like to be complacent with workouts. I love to try random things and do what my soul feels like that day. I think we forget that working out can be as simple as taking your dog for a walk. Cheers to another beautiful day on this earth… no matter what ducking comes our ways!! 😂😎


11-12-17 after a crappy depressive episode….. ya girl is back.

I just wrote an entire piece for this blog post and it didn’t upload… wowwwwwwwww. Will come back and complete.

“All you ever have is now.”

In order did four sets of each

2 min warm up jump rope

1 min jump rope fast
Squats body weight w/black band
Donkey kicks with band
Over head press with bar
Bent over rows with bar

Rest 1 min and repeat

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