8/26/17 Made my day off count. 鉁岎煆金煠撯湂馃徑 oohhhhhrrrraahhhhhhhhhh.

Back to back:
1 min jump rope
1 min goblet squats with resistance bands
1 min bicycle/abs

Rest 1 min and repeat x 10

Self disciple is no joke. I hate making myself workout sometimes, but lately like I mentioned, it鈥檚 coming back to me. I miss where I used to be mentally when I was going to the gym all the time. I felt thriving and confident. So, I鈥檓 going to continue my fitness journey and kick ass!!!! Even on a depressive or anxiety filled day, I know I can count on getting a ducking sweat in and feeling magnificent afterwards. It鈥檚 awesome. Cheers to Saturday. 鉁岎煆解櫏锔忊櫏锔忊櫏锔忦煉煆金煉煆金煉煆