8/16/17 848am Goal of morning: Try getting a sweat on!

Started my morning early by waking at 6am. I thought, what the hell, let’s try something different today! Lol. So I did a workout for 30 min with my pull up bar and yoga mat.

-I stretched for ten min.
- 3 sets squats bodyweight squeeze the stretch/hold form firm
-3sets back and forth
Pull ups assisted (negative style/focus on grip) burn out….
then yoga mat for 5 push-ups and hold plank (until burn out/drop)

Aight, I feel sweaty and gross now. But I want to observe how I feel today, versus other days where I never do this. I’m already feeling energized as I’m dancing around getting ready now. 😂😂🙌🏽✌🏽