7-11-17 Tuesday Tuessss

Leg dayyyy motha trukaaass

Killed it. That workout literally made me feel badass. Note to self: Well you should, because you are! You are a strong and beautiful and inspiring women Reg, keep this shit up!! It’s helping the mental state with my anxiety and depression. It’s also my escape from other bad habits. Keep. It. Going. Remember… days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months, months turn into years!!!

4x bodyweight squats

Barbell squats
1x 95lbs 6 reps
2x 135lbs 6 reps

Barbell hammies x 3 with the 40lb bar

Leg press

90lbs x 1 of 10

180lbs x 2 of 10

Calve raises x 3 with squat smith machine… 10lbs added to each side

Selfies to start coming soon once I feel more in love with myself lmao.