Reggi’s WOD


Falling in love with taking care of my mental wellbeing has been something really dear to my heart and soul.One of those things being to eat consciously and move my freaking body!! I didn’t realize the impact it truly had on my mindset. So grateful to get the experience another day on this earth, and i am all smiles. My depression and anxiety will NOT pull me down. I will continue to speak my goals into existence. For me, myself and I. Many of the things we do and ways we behave truly do contribute to mental health issues.

There’s many things that self induce anxiety and depression, and before you get too far, just know you CAN help yourself in different ways. That being said, please don’t ever feel afraid if you need medication or need to see a doctor. I’m just speaking from personal experience and what I’ve dealt with for years now. ♥️♥️

Your emotional/mental energy correlates with your physical energy. Take care of it.


Here was my workout-

Wasn’t feeling like going to the gym due to my anxiety levels, but I made it happen at home!! Hell yeah.

5 sets x 8 barbell squats w/135lbs

5 sets x one min jump rope as fast as I can.

Back to back with 1-2 min rest.

Try this and tell me how you like it or what you did different!