Guest Posts Welcome


Are you on a journey right now? Have you been taking action of some of the things on my blog or elsewhere? Do you have anxiety or struggle with a negative cycle mindset? Are you working on something right now that is helping you with mental health wellness? Do you have an awesome message to share to promot mental heath awareness?


Whether you are replacing a bad habit, getting consistent, helping others or focused on maintaing mindfulless... always remember that the little milestones count! I'd love to hear from you if you have a story to share or some valuable tips for other readers of the Feed The Zen community.

 I would love to post and credit you.

If you want your story to published anon, please let me know if so. Thank you for sharing your story in the first place... I will aways repect your privacy if you wish to remain anon. 


Please email me inquires at


If you have any ideas for site improvement, I'd love to hear them!