One of the Best MentalWellness Tools: Journaling

This is One of the Best Mental Health Wellness Tools

Successful people of our past have been using this amazing technique to get through many different situations in time. Journaling goes all the way back to as far as 10th century Japan. They used journaling as a tool for strategy and growth. I think that simple fact is important to think about. There are also many others that do utilize journaling to their advantage. Some of the most famous people, you can find and read about here. Just knowing that many successful people in history journal makes me excited to keep doing it myself.

Journaling has many benefits to add to your daily life and general well-being. I have personally seen the effects of consistently doing this in all areas of my life. I believe journaling matters and you should definitely pay attention to the great impact it will make. When you don’t have your thoughts and days organized, you will have more issues with mental health. You will start to forget and avoid things until your back is up against the wall...and no one enjoys that.

I’m here to help you with your mental health wellness. I want to share with you through my personal experience and years of studying into this. You should be able to find some key takeaways throughout this post to help you on your journaling journey. If you’re struggling with some mental health decline, and want to seek some real clarity to grow, then I’d read, comment, and share this post with like minds.

To me, Journaling is a small, but valuable escape...even if for a few minutes. The feelings of depression and anxiety make everything ten times worse when I don’t practice journaling or happen to skip a few days. I start to feel unorganized, less disciplined, broken, and then sadness strengthens due to the self-esteem drop. Luckily, I have found my superhero judgment free therapy. The best part? Journaling is cheap, simple, and flexible. It will help you solve your problems more efficiently. When you write, you use the left part of your brain, which focuses on analytical and rational functions. Read more about those studies on the left vs. right brain here. Fascinating information to dive into. I love learning about our brains and the weirdness of it all.

Journaling & Mental Health: The Correlation

Journaling is proven to make a positive change in your mental health. It will give you the ability to identify negative thoughts and behaviors you’re engaging in. When you write down your fears, emotions, experiences, concerns, and problems, you will see clearly. Tracking your symptoms day to day will help you become self-aware on experiments and opportunities for growth.

By tracking what you’re experiencing, you will create great opportunities for self-talk and daily affirmation to remind you. Experiment with yourself and find some clarity where you need it for life. Looking into your subconscious to see why you are experiencing depression, or what could be causing it, can be a huge game changer for you to finally move forward. Don’t just ignore your inner thoughts and problems, journal them and figure it out!

Seeing my streaks and habits encourages me to direct my daily attention into a more positive direction. Seeing my goals in the morning and then reflecting on them at night, provides me with a sense of personal accomplishment. Leaves me going to bed inspired for the next day. Don’t you love those feelings? Wouldn’t you love a place to rant out feelings privately before exploding from emotions? I know I do. I enjoy thinking logically rather than being stuck in my emotions. Here’s why.

Benefits of Journaling

One of the biggest benefits journaling has to offer, is the ability to help people recover from mental anguish and illness. I do understand and actually highly recommend seeing a professional if you can’t deal with mental health on own. This is my suggestion personally, and I would practice this if you are looking for an alternative to therapy in person and medication.

I do believe that a lot of recent mental health problems have developed due to changes in our society and the younger generations. We also always turn to pills right away without trying to get to the core ourselves first. Most of the time, you can break down exactly what is causing your mental anguish. That being said, I completely respect those of you that use medications and are getting the help you need. There are always choices and options when it comes to helping mental health. Never be afraid to ask for help no matter what recovery path you choose.

Even as a added thing to your mental health wellness, journaling will help you get through psychological trauma and healing. You can be expressive in your own way to get through emotions and feels. Ahhh, the sweet release of dopamine and endorphins. How beautiful is it that we can translate an experience into language by writing it down?!

Getting down to the core and root of your personal problems can be one of the biggest and greatest things you could ever do for yourself.

A big improvement I’ve seen in my own mental health would have to be my emotional resilience. I’ve been working incredibly hard on that since I noticed that was an area I lacked in myself. I have developed a better sense of understanding my emotions, how to manage them, and increased my self-awareness on negative thoughts I was having. Developing a wider perspective on life gives you the empathy to see things from another’s point of view. That’s something incredibly important to me. Reaffirm your ability when self-doubt appears.

Another benefit of journaling for you is being able to strengthen self-discipline through writing things down. Trying to work on breaking a bad habit or starting a positive one? This is perfect for you then. When you practice this, you will build upon consistency and it will strengthen over time. When you write down habits and goals, it signals to your brain a psychological and physical blueprint for increased success.

The mindfulness you will achieve from journaling will also help you reflect on what matters most every day of this beautiful life. Notice how you’re handling stress, anxiety, depressive feelings, manic or isolated states. There are many things we honestly don’t realize that we do That self-sabotage affects our daily efforts.

I’ll let you in on a secret of mine. I never used to watch tv, and now that there’s one in the living room, guess who started getting addicted to reality tv?!?! I was asking myself, why the heck am I not getting anything done in the evenings? I found I was de stressing by turning on the tv as soon as I got home, to engage in instant gratification. I mean, yeah tv is awesome and I’m a sucker for all these superhero shows, but I had to realize that too much tv is less time doing things that matter. Before I would know it, it would be midnight and I’m 22 episodes deep into Shameless.  But thank you Netflix & Hulu!!!! ;)

So yeah, don’t spill any spoilers for me.

Now, that’s simply an example of something I’ve found out about myself in recent journaling. You may have other things going on or other fish to fry, but this technique can help for many things.

Here’s an example of the basic template I’ve gone by for years now.

Here’s an example of the basic template I’ve gone by for years now.

Practice getting self-aware with what’s already there. 

This is How I Journal, & Here’s How You Can Too, Like A Boss.

Don't worry too much if you're not that great at journaling yet. There is no right or wrong. Just by taking a few moments every day, you can enhance your mental well-being for the better.

One of the most awesome things about journaling is that there are many different ways to journal and many things to talk about. You can journal on your thoughts, emotions, fears, habits, goals, quotes, workouts, diet, and much more. I usually do a combination of the ones I listed, depending on the goals for that month. It can literally be as simple as writing down, “ I don’t know what to write.” Believe me, when that happens, you will eventually feel yourself getting into the writing zone.

A big tip on how to get started is simply writing every day! Just like that cup of coffee that you never miss in the morning, this can be a significant part of your morning routine. Even if your writing doesn't feel right or you’re feeling scattered brained, continue to just jot down whatever you can.

I believe that we all should use journaling the way we feel we need it most. There is no right or wrong way. If you want to read some more into mental health and journaling, I would recommend you check out this article.

I like to track when I wake up, how I’m feeling, if anything is on my mind that I want to brain dump now, and a reminder of what my daily goals are that will propel me to the next level with consistency.

My morning routine

I love to write and look at quotes a lot. Makes me feel good inside to automatically think of quotes I love when in tough times.  I also like to doodle sometimes when I’m listening to a great podcast, while enjoying a cup of coffee.

Reading is an essential must for me. It helps open up my creative mind. I also will sometimes do a quick goal setting/meditation before I free write or journal.

I am a repeat offender of this... hit snooze over and over...But guess what feels better than sleeping in? (Kind of) A quick full body workout, even if a simple walk. I feel incredible for the day once I get that done, so it’s been motivating me to keep waking up early in the morning. Sometimes I log my workouts and food, but I like to keep another one for that.

One of my favorites is listening to the Ask Gary Vee Show, to remind me that it isn’t always about me and I need to put in work... or some good music to get me in the zone. And yes, I’m serious. NEVER SKIP BREAKFAST!

From there, I’ll write in the journal throughout the day if I have another brain dump, and then one final visit at night to reflect on my day.

Honestly, this may seem crazy, but it’s one of the most amazing things I could ever do for myself while experiencing mental health trouble.

Let me just say, that you do NOT need a fancy journal. Yes, if you have the extra money, I would totally get this one to the right of me. I got this journal about a year ago, and I was so sad when I finished all the pages. Many of my journals are simply the basic notebooks. You can find some here. If you don’t feel like going to the store. Thank you, Amazon. Regular notebooks are my personal favorite because of all the space it has for the wandering brain.

An Experience to Gain

I’ve had an interesting experience in journaling these last years of my life and it has literally changed who I am inside, and out. I feel clarity. A sense of empowerment lies within me for being so vulnerable with myself. I let myself open up my troubling subconscious, self-aware on what’s already there that I’ve been avoiding.

Ironically, a big confession… this blog is one of them. So hey, there’s my message right there that I promise to be accountable and post consistently for you on mental wellness subjects, as this is a goal in my personal journey. Cool enough, journaling has opened up this world for me and helped me figure out why I was procrastinating.

I found the main reason why, was my fear of failing, or not having things perfect from the start. You have to have that strong faith in yourself, and jump into the face of fear, no matter what you are encountering. Let’s remember together that no one is perfect and every ultra-skilled human being out there once started as a beginner too.

Journaling is Not to Change Your Life

Journaling is a meant to create clarity and self-awareness that you couldn’t see before. In this case of mental health wellness, journaling will help you with your emotional struggles by getting down to the core as you write and see what you might not have noticed that could be sabotaging you. I want you to feel empowered and full of light. When self-doubt appears, you can reaffirm yourself.

Your personal victories count.

If you’re struggling right now internally, I just want you to know that I understand your internal conflict, and just want to spread some good vibes and help out if I can. You can meet your shadow by journaling and get some clarity.

Please email me if you have any further questions about journaling. I’d be happy to help! If you have a journal, tweet me a pic on how you do yours! Maybe I can try some of your tips!

Please note that I am not a professional and I suggest for you to see a mental health professional if you are unable to help recover on own. There are many good souls out there that care and I am one of them. Check out the resources pages to find some help that works for you. 

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Good vibes and Wellness,