Meet Reggi


If you didn’t already know, I struggle with my mental health. The past years, everyone kept asking me, “Reggi, where did you go? You’re M.I.A.” I know, I know. I can see why some people would ask me why I’ve been so low-key lately. I'm no longer afraid to speak out and share my experience with this. For a while, I was embarrassed and felt so alone. I'm learning that I am NOT alone. Neither are you. I knew in my heart the direction i needed to focus my attention. This is the story of the voyage I'm deciding to embark on for myself.


I'm consistently trying to work on my inner Zen. I experience a lot of inner conflict and always hope to seek clarity in situations. I mainly do this by journaling. Some days are harder than others, but I continue to keep my head held high. I've always been "motivated," but I couldn't help question why the motivation inside me fades. On top of little motivation, I was starting to feel crushingly depressed from putting myself in the same, endless cycle. I even developed extreme anxiety that started to affect me, everywhere I'd go. That wasn't like me. I needed to take a step back and find some clarity in my mind.


I’ve always had a mindset that believes in healing on my own, whenever possible. For years now, I’ve been finding clarity and am getting down to the core. I have tried many resources for mental health. From my personal findings, I seem to like to practice natural ways. I don't discredit you if you use medications or see a doctor regularly. I actually recommend that. I respect that you are taking care of it. I'm just very stubborn in certain aspects. I do see a professional every once and a while when I'm feeling extreme or want to have a checkup. Sometimes, it's nice to speak to someone that understands our big, beautiful brains a little better. 

*If you are feeling depressed or have any mental health problems, please go talk to a professional. I care about you. <3

I was inspired to take on my blog from messages I received from social media. Long story short, i was losing myself in all the social media and I experienced a breakdown. i became someone I wasn't, just for the likes, just for the validation. I don't know what came over me that day... I selected what I was about to erase, nervously, on my white little macbook laptop. Then, I hit Delete. I deleted all the content I had on it, but to my surprise, i felt a sense of zen surrounding me. I remember feeling a genuine smile lift across my round face. As I looked into the hairspray stained mirror, I remember telling myself "Reg, what're you doing, it's time to be yourself."


So, I took a little breather.


When I started to get real and find clarity, the amount of love I received from all of you family and friends surrounding me, was incredible. I appreciate you all for that. It wasn't social media. It was my behavior and thinking patterns that were causing mayhem in my mind. I didn't want to isolate myself from the social world any longer, especially with all the love and support you can find online in communities with like minds. I was honestly surprised to see how many of you feel I am an inspiration, through my transparency and good vibes. I like to share my down days just as much as I share the better ones. I enjoy spreading the wellness and love, with a realistic tone involved. 

Remember, people will judge anyways, so be the awesome YOU. It's important for you and I to practice not fearing people. They will always have a say regardless, it's how you choose to see the situation. 

I respect all and choose to see others situations in open perspectives. I am a lover of adventure and widening my perspective. I choose to see the humor in a lot of my painful days and you should too. I like to practice not living in my feelings and actually creating movement. There is always a purpose to find some clarity to recover and maintain your mental wellness. There is always an opportunity for growth. 

There is also always a why. You have to find yours to conquer and strive for great lengths. Think about your legacy. Your personal happiness depends a lot on your mental well-being. Self-awareness will have an amazing impact on your life. I know it does on mine.  

The only person you should be competing against is who you were yesterday. Thrive on my friend!

I want you to see the  transparency in my posts. I'm not here to flash a smile and bamboozle you, I actually want to be of service and value. Help provide some clarity and impact your life with the realness of the world we live in. I want to build a legacy I'm proud of. 



The content on this blog will feature things I actually do, use, or am experimenting with. I also love to research some of the best experts out there. I will report back to you some interesting finds. I am your new go to source for relatable, valuable content on bringing more clarity into your world. I want to share my journey with you and give away whatever key takeaways I can from personal experience. 

I've become an avid reader and consumer of all things mental health, self-awareness, growth and ways I can work on trying to be zen in my daily life. I've always wanted to create something bigger than myself. I know many that struggle with similar issues, so I want to befriend you and help guide you along your journey. 

I'm grateful for everything I have in my life and for the opportunities that I’ve been apart of. You have to ride the waves of life!! Step into that face of fear with me and let's continue to find clarity and practice growth.

Thank you for your support and I hope you like the content to come.

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