5 unbeatable ways to practice self-care (Which one are you doing?)

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I’ve struggled with depression and anxiety for the past few years of my life now and sometimes, I can’t even drag myself out of bed. That's why I practice self-care. Don't get me wrong, this girl would be very content sleeping like the Queen of England on her 1000000000 thread count sheets. I could sleep forever like a sleeping beauty. But, the inner me doesn't want to feel like a sleeping loser all the time.

I take pride in finding daily clarity and ways to enhance my best life. When I feel stagnant, I feel stressed. That's just who I am. I know you may be feeling incredibly stressed as well, so good thing you're here, right now in this moment, reading this. It was a sign that it's your time to get down to the core. I have found this clarity myself by exercising my self-love and self-care daily. Practicing compassion has given me a new perspective and outlook that helps me power through my cloudy days. It’s one of the foundations for clarity and growth.

Personally, I struggle with the thoughts going on in my head at times. I experience some depressive and manic anxiety episodes, so I have to work really hard to maintain a balance. There will never be a perfect balance, but you can always work with the particular areas you are wanting to improve when needed. Some days, it’s worse than others with my mental health. I just need that boost sometimes. That's why I've compiled a list of my top five unbeatable ways to practice some self-care for your mind and soul baby!

So good news is that you already know you need to focus and do something about this. The bad news is, you’re having a crappy day. Even though you know you need to practice self-care and carry on with the day with a better outlook, you still sit there asking yourself, "what's the point." 

Take a step back for a second and breathe. Get inspired now with one or more of these. These tips are here to save the day. 

Here are some of the best ways to boost your mood after waking up feeling down. Use your favorites and you will clearly see the change in your mental well-being.

Take some notes and prepare for self-love take off!


5 unbeatable ways to practice self-care


1. Drink some mushroom tea


Yes, That is what I said. Mushroom tea. Sounds gross? Try it. Add a little honey to that baby and I believe you will agree with me that this is something magical, (without the trip of course LOL.) Four sigmatic is currently my favorite brand and I have no idea what I'd do without them. I would check them out if you're looking for an alternative to caffeine. The cognitive benefits make me feel calm and collected. I also noticed I get real focused but in a clean, positive energy kind of way. They have a couple different options as well, depending on if you're looking for a physical performance type or more for mental function. Not only do they have incredible mushroom tea, but the company's visions and values are beautiful. Find out more here on their site. 

BONUS TIP: They even have mushroom coffee for all you caffeine lovers like me! I recently broke up with regular coffee and this has been a game changer for my daily care and well-being. You can read more about it here on their website.  You can get it here on Amazon also! The Cordyceps one is my favorite, but Lion's mane is perfect for the days when you need to focus like a champ. 

Try it out and please email me or let me know on social media what you think about it. Tell me which you thought was better!!


2. Put on your favorite outfit and do your makeup/hair

This is a simple, but sweet one. There's nothing like that feeling when you get yourself ready. You feel a sense of accomplishment and zest. It's an instant self-esteem booster. Especially on the days when you're feeling like poop. Do your hair, nails, makeup, or whatever you like to do to feel your best. You will just feel this extra burst of confidence. 

One of my favorite things to do is get ready to some music and entertain myself while I get ready, with a personal music video. Hey, don't judge, it's fun to pretend you're all the different characters of Bohemian Rhapsody as you curl your hair. 



3. Take a lavender epsom's salt bath and put on some chill music.

Or, if you prefer, a nice hot shower…end with a cold splash!

I had found that a couple of my friends were using Epsom's salt and I decided to try it out. It was a great idea, I'll never go back to not using this in my life. Who knew that they had a lavender Epsom's salt too?! I got it at Walmart, but you can also find it here. From when I last went, they also had a couple other different kinds, but this is my favorite so far. I’ve seen others use essential oils in the room and some of those cool bath bombs.  

Shawn Stevenson mentions in his book Sleep Smarter, that taking contrast showers will close your pores, help with your hair health, gives you energy and guess what…help burn fat! I guarantee this will relieve your stress a bit and boost your self-care. I always feel brand new when I make myself do this. It also really wakes my ass up. No more Zombie you after doing this! Boost your immunity and ease that depression. 

4. Get lost in a positive, good book

If there’s one thing that I’ve learned since starting to work on my self-care, it’s that you will get LOST if you only read self-help books. Yes, I admit, I have everyone single one you can think of on my bookshelf…but what’s even more embarrassing is to feel burnt out from reading only that type of book, making yourself feel negative and like you're not doing enough.  


Don’t get me wrong, I love a wonderful, incredibly resourceful self-help book, but it’s best to diversify your reading so you don’t feel unaccomplished and drowning in it all. Recently, since I realized my self-help book burnout, I’ve been listening to audiobooks of biographies. I love hearing a good storytelling from someone. There's something interesting to me about listening to people tell stories of their life. Check this one out that I’m listening to by Kevin Hart, it has me laughing out loud so much during my daily commute. People keep looking at me when stopped at a light like, "Wtf is she laughing at?"  

5. Tune into a podcast

I also listen to a lot of podcasts to get me into the mindset I need when I can’t get there alone that day. A couple of my faves that put me in a good mood you should listen to are TMHS, School of Greatness, Smart Passive Income podcast, Melyssa Griffin Podcast, Young Entrepreneur Lifestyle, and many more. 


Stay tuned for an upcoming blog post talking more in depth about some of the best podcasts out right now and why they rock. 


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